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TRADING CHAOS: First Edition by Bill Williams, PHD, CTA

The brutal truth is that 90% of all traders lose money consistently. Good trading does not emanate primarily from the head. It comes from the gut and the heart. Williams' approach uses the latest scientific theories of human and economic behavior which is derived from the science of chaos.

Chaos theory now stands at the cutting edge of financial decision-making methods. The product of years of scientific investigation into unpredictable phenomena, it has the potential to offer traders entirely new perspectives on the movements of markets-and less risky routes to greater, more consistent profitability.

This book, Trading Chaos, takes chaos analysis out of the realm of the abstract and makes complex concepts easy to understand and use. It offers you the most practical, comprehensive guide available to applying chaos theory to the real world of trading and investing.

The book is designed for all traders-from beginner to experienced professional. Williams' book will aid the trader in identifying the Alligator set ups, Fractal Trades, and Elliott wave counts and will aid traders to follow an easy five step process to successful trading. It probes depths of human and economic behavior including a detailed examination of the underlying structure of the market; how individual belief systems affect the way we trade; how to determine "what the market wants"; and "how to want what the market wants."

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A few words of executive praise for Trading Chaos by Bill M. Williams:


"Bill Williams brings a unique background and experience to the commodity trading world. His approach to becoming a successful trader includes many fresh and fascinating concepts for traders of all experience levels."

- Bruce Babcock, Editor, Commodity Traders Consumer Report


"Bill Williams has demystified the Elliott Wave. His technical approach is an innovative and effective way to trade markets for novice and expert traders alike."

- Bob Koppel, Skylane Trading Group


"Trading Chaos by Bill Williams is an excellent guide to profiting from a market which is nonlinear in structure. The book is divided into logical levels of trading techniques useful to the novice and expert trader. I was genuinely surprised that the expert can still learn refreshingly new techniques at each level presented."

- Timothy C. Slater, Managing Director of Dow Jones Telerate Seminars

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